The beacon of light in modern standard education

Published: ২১/০৩/২০

The location of the college is located at the House of the Union of Paniyarupur Moujar Bairagchak Chowdhury The college was co-chaired by Mr. Farhana Chowdhury Nazanine Name of Haurnnecha Khatun Chowdhury College. Every year a good result is credibility and renown across the upazila. It’s a devious mete way to go to the college. Fields after field. Paddy fields and Green world. This information is in the age of technology to be adept at knowledge and science.

He must be educated. Son to send children to school-college | Educated in Su. They must be made to do the same with the challenge of tomorrow. Build as efficient and competent. Even if they do not have higher education, they do well to understand such requirements. . But this village of Mofschbel is that village. There is no village in their area to have a higher education educational institution. What is in the city. But where is the 25 – 30 kilometer transportation and study cost of the city’s educational institutions so difficult to reach their destinations? The father of the nation, the well-educated daughter of Bangarpal, was eager to change the state of her own funding in order to implement the vision-2021 of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Also discussed with local residents in the respective areas. The children of the area are entrepreneurial to get higher education.

On 21 January 2011, the college was funded by the President of the city of Vrindavan, with the help of chairman M/s. The foundation stone. The foundation stone was established by former deputy chairman Ilaichur Rahman Chowdhury. On August 8, 2016, the college was inaugurated by Aunt Jahanara Begum Chowdhury. On 17 May 2015, the College started its journey in the middle of the vast ancillary and was formed under the chairmanship of Nripendra Kumar Das. The meeting was also attended by the president of Nripendra Kumar Das and Pramod Debenath, the general secretary of the 29-member committee.

The then president of the Abortion Department, former deputy chairman Salim Ahmad Chowdhury, secretary and chairman, Fash Uddin Chowdhury, donor member Farhana Chowdhury and other members, including President Abdul Haque Chowdhury, Nripendra Kumar Das, member Pramod Chandra Debnath, Abdul Ahad , Abdur Rahim Mahe, Junaid Ahmad, Zuab Ahmad Chowdhury, Samchuzzaman Chowdhury Rachel. The current president of the contraception is chairman, Fakhil Uddin Chowdhury, donor member Farhana Chowdhury Nazanine, secretary to the lower Md. The College is currently working with teachers, including Speaker Md. Nouul Islam, lecturer, Kishore Haque Chowdhury, Md. Nazrul Islam, Sajana Begum, Nasrin Chowdhury, Salma Begum, Selina Begum, Md. Jual Ahmad, engineer Arjan Ali, office aide Zey Debnath and others He was also the chief of the College.

The modern standard of education has been developed in a charming environment by the Haurnneta Khatun Chowdhury College. At the beginning, emphasis is on discipline and study. Success is also coming. The rate of HSC in 2019 was 88.24%. The establishment of the college was done with the intention of thanking Fakhar Uddin Chowdhury and considering the need and interests of the local people. In 2016, he established his late mother’s name in the Barugechar area. Md. Naurul Islam, principal of the College of Haunnnekta Khatun Is an organization.

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