Trending casuals: Tenzing Chakma’s latest offers

Published: ২১/০৩/২০

Hence his artistic powerhouse brings to the fore a line of casual wear articulated to beat those seasonal challenges that humidity and drizzle can impose on one’s clothes. The collection contains breezy shirts, long skirts, wide legged pants, and floor length dresses in tasteful prints such as beautifully crafted floral patterns that would add the right amount of elegance and to your appearance this season, serving as the perfect apparel options for those brunches, luncheons and tea parties. Structured in a flowy manner, pieces from the line are suitable for all sorts of body types, hence making them even more ideal for the regular Bangladeshi female.

When asked about the current state of the fashion industry in Bangladesh with respect to being in sync with the global fashion arena, the creative genius highlighted that our local fashion scenario is still quite isolated from dynamics that dictate global trends and a lot of work needs to be done to create a level playing field. Fabrics such as cotton, georgette, and chiffon — mainly in shades of black, white, grey, blue, and pink transcended the underlying theme of this supremely trendy line of mainly casual wear. This season, embrace your inner fashionista and grab those super stylish pieces from Tenzing Chakma’s trending line to elevate your style game.

We have seen them stacked up on the racks of famous apparel stores. We have also seen the young, famous and the most well-dressed women of the world wear them. But what do we know about these beautiful tribal prints, except for terming them in the catch-all expression, ‘ethnic’ prints? With deeper thoughts into the subject matter, we realise, all blue pants are not ‘jeans’ and all black shoes are not ‘Oxfords.’ In the following pages we’d be able to learn how to style these beautiful prints, from the exotic Aztecs to the Mexican stripes. Read on and enhance your understanding of ‘print-fashion,’ once and for all.

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