Rubel slams ‘greedy and cruel’ businessmen

Published: ২২/০৩/২০

Bangladesh pacer Rubel Hossain took to Facebook to slam ‘greedy and cruel’ people who are taking advantage of the fear created due to the coronavirus pandemic by increasing the prices of the essentials.

“We are greedy and a cruel nation. The Chinese companies reduced the price of mask during the disaster because they are human being whereas we increased the mask price from Tk. 5 to Tk. 50 and the mask price of Tk. 20 to Tk. 100/150 once we heard the name of corona. Because we are greedy and inhuman,” Ruble stated in his Facebook status.

“I am recalling the hero of our Liberation War with great respect as we got the Independence for their united efforts. Now in face of such calamity, why we are not united? Why?” he added.

Rubel also labelled the greedy businessmen as the real “coronavirus” who took the advantage of the situation to hike the prices of masks, sanitizers and other essentials.

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