Corona virus suspected of killing elderly man in Benapole

Published: ২৬/০৩/২০

Benapol representative: The house was raised red flag after an elderly man named Ozia (70) was allegedly killed by the Corona virus in Benapole, Jessore. The family members of the deceased came to the country from Bombay, India, to the country where they were being tortured. He died a week later. The police visited the benapol port station at the scene. Ozia Rahman died around 3 pm on Thursday. His home is in the village of Paperpukur in Benapol Port Thanh.

According to locals, Ogier’s daughter Ambia and son Tariqul Islam live long in Bombay, India. From there they hid in the house after entering the country on the smuggling route. After their father’s death, it is assumed that the old man may die of the virus. Amirul Islam, the local Benapol Municipal Council or councilor, said That OziaRahman is an old man. He had a hard time with his stochas. However, the stochast is still in the country after his family members came from India and it is believed that he died of the Corona virus.

I gave the seline and gas medicine last night without the pressure of the patient, said local doctor Idris Ali. The patient had suffered from a long illness. He may die of old age and coughing. “We are not sure what the disease is,” said Shovankara Kumar Roy, medical officer of Sharsha Upazila Health Centre. Our senior officials have been made aware of this. We’re waiting for their decision. It cannot be said without testing whether he has a corona virus in his body.

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