Army visits Benapol Market

Published: ২৬/০৩/২০

The world is now on the move to get rid of the plague. Each country has been taking various measures to prevent the corona virus under its own management. Bangladesh is no exception. People in our country are suffering from terror. The Bangladesh government has given various guidelines, including public-aware publicity, at the district-zilla administration office.

The army of the country’s most powerful forces, along with all the security forces, has been deployed in the field. The government has directed that these security forces will work under the supervision of the Upazila Nibirhi Magistrate. In a speech to the nation on Wednesday evening (March 25th), Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave various conscious guidelines on the Corona virus. The army and other defence forces will be deployed in the security work as per the instructions of the Upazila Magistrate.

According to the official announcement, all schools including schools and colleges, Madrasa, and all other offices and courts have been closed from 10 am to 12 pm. Every shop in the market area, except the medical clinic and hospital, has been closed. The Upazila administration has been asked to work with instructions that cannot be carried out more than one.

On Thursday (March 26th), it was seen that the Sharsha Upazila Magistrate’s Government Commissioner (Land) Khorshed Alam Chowdhury had a similar activity. He visited Benapol Market this morning with other security forces including the army. After the visit, Magistrate Khorshed Alam told reporters that there is nothing to fear, government directives are being given public safety to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. The public’s cooperation in these activities is very important, otherwise it will not be saved.

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