Jhalakathi students are making hand sanitizer

Published: ২৮/০৩/২০

In the midst of the panic, a group of students from the university are making low-cost hand sanitizers when the market is in crisis. They said that hand sanitizers will be sold only for production costs. Students from various medical colleges and universities across the country have come on holiday in their districts and started volunteering to create hand sanitizers.

The programme is being carried out in a voluntary effort to kill teacher Tawhid Hossain Khan at the laboratory of the city’s government Harchandra Girls School. Initially, 5,000 bottles of hand sanitizer are being manufactured in 50 ml. This hand sanitizer is available for Tk. 50. Students reported that the hand sanitizer is being manufactured in the materials instructed by the World Health Organization.

One student said, “Now our campus is closed. So I was at home. But sir has been in touch and says i want to make a hand sanitizer. So if you’re free, you can come and help me. Then I told sir that I would participate. Another student said, “We don’t really have any profit here. We’re all doing it with self-help. The money is being purchased and the rest are being purchased and the work is being carried out.

However, the cost of production will be only charged by the buyer. I will sell to them at the price I will pay, said Tawhid Hossain Khan, senior teacher at Jhaldi Government Harchandra Girls School. And if anyone else funds this, we’ll keep the lab running. Initially, 5,000 bottles of sanitizer will be completed on Tuesday. This hand sanitizer will be supplied only after that.

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