The army has begun to patrol in Galachipa

Published: ২৮/০৩/২০

The army has started a crackdown on the spread of the snout of the snout by the army, calling on people to maintain social distance. The movement started at noon on Saturday (March 28). At this time, the spots gathered at the links and turns of different roads were immediately empty.

Army members have been miking in the city of Galachipa to advise the public to be aware and not to leave the house without need. Later, to learn about the overall preparations of the administration to prevent the corona in the Galachipa Upazila Council, the Upazila CEO Shah Mo. The chief of the police, Mr. Abdul Rahman, was a chief of the police. Shahin Shah, municipal mayor Ahsanul Haq Tuhin, met with the members of the army.

The Chief Executive Officer of Galachipa Upazila, Shah Mo. The government has taken all steps to implement the guidelines to maintain social distance, said Shaheed Islam. Army members will cooperate with the Civil Administration to make sure that people are aware of each area in Galachipa and that the home quarantine of returning citizens abroad is not a good thing.

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