Sorry, some people are going to die: President of Brazil

Published: ২৯/০৩/২০

Everything is being stopped to prevent the spread of the virus worldwide. But the President of The World, Zaire Bolsonaro, is to stop the economic activity of Brazil. Though he himself was infected with the Corona virus. He is still healthy. Meanwhile, in a televised interview on Friday, the Brazilian president said, “I’m sorry, some people have to die in Corona, that’s life.”

That’s why you’re going to shut down cars, factories, everything. We have to see what’s going on, there’s nothing to politics about it’. His comments have sparked widespread criticism across the country. Earlier, The Corona virus was dubbed “fantasy” by Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro. In Brazil, 1,223 people have been infected with the Corona virus so far. 68 people died.

It is worth mentioning that 6,1,518 people have been infected worldwide by the Corona virus. Of these, 1,33,454 have returned home. The number of infected in China is 81,394. In addition, the number of victims outside China is 520,124. The death toll in the virus has risen to 27,438. The death toll in China is 3,295. 24,143 people died outside China.

In addition, there are currently 440,139 people worldwide. Of them, 4,16,579 are in a normal state. The remaining 23,560 are in critical condition, most of them in ICU. If you have any symptoms like fever, sore throat, dry cough, breathlessness, coughing, you should consult a doctor. Masks are to be used while walking in the public places. We have to keep the houses clean. You have to clean your hands with soap before you go home and eat. You have to eat well.

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