BNP leader Sanaullah Mia sleeps in Narsingdi

Published: ২৯/০৩/২০

Bnp president Khaleda Zia’s lawyer and party’s legal secretary, Advocate Sanaullah Miah, was sleeping in the hospital. On Saturday afternoon, he was buried in the family cemetery after the funeral of the man in the Eidgah field of Shivpur Upazila Karachar.

The members of the assembly were MP Of the 3 Shivpur seat, Jheerul Haque, ShahrukhUddin Mohan, President and Upazila Chairman Harunur Rashid, Special Assistant Simul Faith of Khaleda Zia, Joint-Secretary khairul Kabir, L. Colonel (Ob.) Zainul Abedin, former General Secretary of Central Board of Directors Akram Hossain Mintu, District Board Vice President Grant Elahi, Member Secretary Ariful Islam Merdha, President of the Youth, Mohsin Hossain Bidut and various classes of people.

He died at the Public Health City Hospital at 8 pm on Friday night. He was infected with pneumonia for a few days. He had been suffering from kidney problems for a long time. He was diagnosed with a stroke on January 3 last year. He was admitted to the capital’s Neuroscience Hospital. Later, he was taken abroad for advanced treatment. From that he turns his face to the left. Sanaullah Miah was involved in the politics of bangladesh, besides his law profession for nearly three decades.

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