Gifts for the people in Has Quarantine in Galachipa : OC Akhtar Morshed

Published: ২৯/০৩/২০

Sanjib Das, Galachipa: The Galachipa police gave a variety of books to 40 people who were returning home from quarantine in Galachipa, Dhaka. From 3 pm on Saturday, galachipa police delivered gifts from Galachipa Thana OSI to the expatriates in quarantine in different areas of the district.

The police are sending gifts to the expatriates in the home quarantine, said Incharge Akhtar Morshed, officer of Galachipa police station. Gifts were sent to 40 people. Police are raising awareness about the Corona virus as soon as the gifts are delivered to the person in quarantine. Osiakhtar Morshed told us this initiative to avoid feeling lonely for 14 days in the home quarantine.

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