Corona situation is a food to the unemployed people in Kalapara

Published: ৩১/০৩/২০

Uttam Kumar Howladar, Kuakata: Food support has been provided to people who have been left unemployed due to the situation in the kalapara of the district of Muzaffarnagar. The lock-down has stopped the life of the income-tax man as the lock-down is on to prevent the infection of the ad. For the people who are in distress, a package of food support is a blessing for the people who are suffering from the same combination of rice, lentils, oil, potatoes, salt, onions, soap.

The lockdown is on, but at least the guarantee of burning the kitchen is a smile on the faces of the people who are suffering. Food assistance has been reported to have been sent to about 2,000 poor and unemployed people from 12 unions and two municipalities from the Upazila Parishad from Monday morning till noon. According to the Upazila administration sources, the list of food assistance includes 10 kg of rice, 2 kg of potatoes, 1 kg of pulses, 1 kg of salt, 500 mg of salt. Oil and 1 savolon soap. Meanwhile, 12 unions of the food supply district have also been delivered to two municipalities.

Earlier on Saturday afternoon, The Upazila Nibirhi officer Abu Hasnat Mohammad Shahidul Haque provided government food assistance to 83 mentally handicapped, disabled and disabled people in the district of Mahipur and Kuakata. The mayor of Kalapara Municipality, Vishal Chandra Howladar, also provided food assistance to the poor and unemployed people of the municipality. The food was distributed to each UP chairman and municipal mayors, said Abu Hasnat Mohammad Shahidul Haque, the Deputy Commissioner (UNO).

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