Relief has not reached 4 isolated islands in Rangabali

Published: ২০/০৪/২০

Sanjib Das, Galachipa : Shah Alam Ghazi (48). A fisherman in a profession. The Corona virus has been inactive for almost a month. He has not been able to get any relief from the incident. He has eaten all this money. Now there is no food in the house. There’s no place for the hand. Because he lives on the island. So he has not eaten with three children and his wife for the last few days.

There’s no way to go. To get to the island of Char, you have to go by boat or a trailer. He is starving his family at home, thinking that someone can be in danger if he goes. Shah Alam Ghazi’s house is the isolated island of Rangabali district surrounded by the sea of the city of Muzaffarnagar. Not just Shah Alam Ghazi! Like him, he is starving and half-a-day on the island. All of them are low-income people.

Apart from charqasm island, the relief has not yet reached charanji, Kalaghiya and Char Anda in Rangabali district. So the people there are suffering. Currently, the island is in a state of turmoil. About 1,000 families live on these four islands in Rangabali district. The time for the corona virus lockdown is almost a month, but no relief material has been reached on the islands.

No one came forward publicly or privately. So the inhabitants of the island are eating and eating without being trapped. Residents of Char Kasem island said that people living on charqassem island are in jail and day-to-day. The stars have been idle since the corona virus started. The first two days were good but the days started to get rough. If you have rice in the house, there is no branches! If you have branches, you don’t have oil. That’s how it’s going to be. Yet, everyone around was sharing it for a while. But the situation has been very rough for the past week.

Most people’s houses are now empty. He is eating without bringing the little ones. But there’s no one to look for them. The people of Charqasm claim that their cries are not heard from the people of charqasm. Their question is, why can’t the people of the city get relief? How long will you have to spend without eating? When will this lockdown break? “I used to run a fishing house before,” said Saleha Khatun, a resident of Charqasm. I’m off my sex in Corona.

There is no chawl in the room. I ran rice three days ago. Hey, I eat rice for a few days. The rice is in the morning. I was on the other side, and I had to be a snout. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay. No one’s gonna find us. We’re in this hole, or we’re dying.

Are we not the people of this world? That’s how the other residents of charqasm island were talking about the trouble with the reporter. Rangabali Upazila CEO Mo. When asked about Mashfakur Rahman, he said, “I have heard about some islands including Charqassem and Charanji. I’m taking action very soon. I hope no one in Rangabali will eat.

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