At least seven killed in separate road mishaps

Published: ২৩/০৮/২২

At least seven people including father and son have been killed in separate road mishaps in Sherpur, Dinajpur and Khagrachari. In the morning, a father and son were killed by a truck in Nakla, Sherpur. Witnesses said the father was taking his son to school on a bicycle in the morning. When a truck hit them, the father was killed on the spot.

Later, the son was taken to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital with serious injuries and the doctor declared him dead. On the other a bus driver and passenger were killed in Dinajpur road accident.

The accident took place on the Dinajpur-Gobindganj regional highway early in the morning. Besides a police constable Omar Farooq was killed by a truck while on duty at Ghoraghat. After the incident, the truck driver fled but the police arrested the helper. Besides, 2 people were killed when a truck overturned on Mahalchari-Jaliapara road in Guimara of Khagrachari.

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